Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction

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Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction

A Sensitive Touch to the Art of Body Shaping

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A Sensitive Touch to the Art of Body Shaping

Weight, that can not be lost in spite of diet and exercise, can make particularly women uncomfortable. The technique that has come forward in recent years in the fight against such surplus weights is the Liposuction technique, that we all frequently hear. Liposuction is the process of vacuuming fat from under the skin with a cannula. Liposuction is the most effective procedure for shaping the body through the reduction of fat cells.

Liposuction with fine cannulae is more effective

Liposuction has many types according to the cannulae and techniques used during the operation. Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction is also one of the newest techniques used in operations.

The superiority of Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction which distinguishes it from other methods, is that it only uses 1-2 millimeter thick cannulae during the operation. The thinness of the cannulae allows the surgeon to work more precisely and efficiently on the fat cells. The delicacy of the cannulae causes less bruising and swelling and allows for faster healing. The risk of irregularity of the skin after Microcannula Vaser® Liposuction is much lower than all other Liposuction systems.

Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Elvan Bayraktar also points out that the fact that Vaser® Liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia and the Vaser® technology used in the disintegration of fat cells is not only not harmful to the surrounding nerves and vessels during the breaking up of the target fat mass, but also gives patients an advantage in terms of safety.

The Superiority of Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction Over Other Methods

  • Decreased risk of irregularity of the skin: The risk of irregularity of the skin after Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction is much less than with any other liposuction method. In this technique, detailed work on all fatty areas with the cannula is possible, so the process can be completed without damaging the skin's underlying layer and there is no damage to the lower layer of the skin. On the contrary, after Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction, skin collapse and cellulite decrease; but these formations should not be expected to disappear completely. It is unrealistic to expect to achieve a completely smooth skin; however it may be expected that there will be no more irregularity and depression in the skin then before the operation. After the operation, when non-specialists look at your skin, they can not notice the irregularity and depression that can be seen after a liposuction. Fine wrinkles may develop in older patients and in areas such as the upper abdomen, since the skin will age together with aging and sun rays will have negative effects on the skin over the years.
  • High patient safety: Since general anesthesia is not used in this system, all risks of drugs used for this purpose are eliminated.
  • Less bruising and swelling: In classical liposuction, there are often bruising and swellings and the surgeon informs the patient that this is normal. With Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction bleeding under the skin is minimal. In addition, because the cannulae are in micro dimensions, the inlet icisions are also in micro dimensions and left open without suture. Therefore, any liquids left under the skin after the procedure flow out and the risk of bruising and swelling is minimal.
  • Better and smoother results: In this system, micro cannulae with a diameter of 2 mm or less are being used. Therefore, it is possible to work in detail at many points on the fatty areas. This ensures much smoother results than conventional Liposuction.
  • Very short recovery time: In this technique, since bleeding is minimal and general anesthesia is not used, patients can immediately get up after the operation and are discharged on the same day. The patient can drive the next day and perform mild physical activities. Exercise can be done within 2-4 days after the operation and many patients can return to their office jobs within 2 days.
  • No scar healing cannula incisions: Since microcannular are used in the operation, the incision points are at a micro level also and they heal invisibly

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Microcannular Vaser® Liposuction Method

Since microcannular are used in the operation, the incision points are also at micro levels and they heal invisibly.

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